Global Equity GIC (2.5-year) - Investors Category, Series 11

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As of 18-Jun-2018

General Information

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2.5 years
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Product Description

The Global Equity GIC offers the growth potential of a Global diversified equity portfolio all while ensuring 100% principal protection at maturity.


  • 2.5-years term (non-rede.
  • Maximum Interest at maturity: 5.10% (2.01% compounded annually).
  • Principal 100% protected at maturity.
  • Eligible for deposit insurance offered by CDIC.
  • Eligible for registered* and non-registered accounts.
  • The Variable Interest is based on the price performance of the Reference Portfolio over the term of the Canadian Banks GIC and is calculated as follows: Variable Interest = Principal invested on the Issue Date x Reference Portfolio Return.
  • The Reference Portfolio Return is the arithmetic average of the Reference Share Return of each of the Reference Shares comprising the Reference Portfolio subject to the Maximum Interest.
  • If the Reference Portfolio does not generate a positive price return over the term of the Global Equity GIC, the Global Equity GIC will not generate any Variable Interest and, in this case, no return will be paid.

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CompanyInitial ValueInitial FX RateCurrent PriceCurrent FX RateReturn
Cisco Systems Inc31.661.2509044.211.3229547.68%
Intel Corp34.751.2509053.221.3229561.97%
Caterpillar Inc113.521.25090148.681.3229538.52%
DowDuPont Inc66.421.2509067.791.322957.94%
Ford Motor Co11.061.2509011.991.3229514.65%
General Electric Co25.591.2509013.201.32295-45.45%
HP Inc19.261.2509023.651.3229529.87%
JPMorgan Chase & Co91.931.25090108.181.3229524.45%
Pfizer Inc32.891.2509036.161.3229516.27%
AT&T Inc38.031.2509032.191.32295-10.48%
BNP Paribas SA65.901.4550053.951.53550-13.60%
TOTAL SA43.221.4550052.231.5355027.53%
Allianz SE179.601.45500178.221.535504.72%
E.ON SE8.381.455009.301.5355017.03%
BHP Billiton Ltd25.370.9910332.760.9811727.84%
Nestle SA82.351.3054773.521.32940-9.09%
GlaxoSmithKline PLC1545.501.632101552.801.752507.88%
Honda Motor Co Ltd3081.000.011163487.000.0119821.49%
Mitsubishi Corp2385.000.011163119.000.0119840.38%
Reference Portfolio Return15.40%
Basket Level1 154.016