Global Equity Markets GIC, Series 5, Advisors Category

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As of 13-Sep-2019

General Information

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BCE CT Equity, CM CT Equity, CPG CT Equity, ENB CT Equity, FTS CT Equity, HSE CT Equity, L CT Equity, POW CT Equity, RCI/B CT Equity, RY CT Equity, SJR/B CT Equity, SLF CT Equity, SPY UP Equity, su ct equity, SX5E Index, TD CT Equity, TRP CT Equity


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5.0 years
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Product Description

The Global Equity GIC offers the growth potential of a Global diversified equity portfolio all while ensuring 100% principal protection at maturity.


  • 5-year term (non-redeemable).
  • Principal invested on the Issue Date is 100% protected at maturity
  • Eligible for deposit insurance offered by CDIC.
  • Variable Interest payable at maturity is based on the price return of a Reference Portfolio compounded of common shares of 15 Canadian companies, the units of the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust and the EURO STOXX 50® Index. multiplied by the Participation Factor of 72%.
  • The Reference Portfolio Return is an arithmetic average (expressed as a percentage and rounded to two decimal places) of the price return of the Reference Shares over the period starting on the Issue Date of the Global Equity Markets GIC and ending on the Valuation Date.
  • If the Reference Portfolio does not generate a positive price return at maturity, the Canadian Equity GIC will not generate any Variable Interest and, in this case, no return will be paid.
  • No Secondary Market.
  • Exposure to a diversified portfolio of Canadian equities, allowing for higher potential return than conventional fixed-rate GICs.

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On March 21, 2016, Suncor Energy Inc. (“Suncor”) and Canadian Oil Sands Limited (“COS”) announced that the acquisition of COS by Suncor has been completed. As a result thereof, the common shares of COS will cease to be traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Accordingly, we hereby advise the Holders of the variable-return GICs that, as of March 24, 2016, the common shares of COS have been replaced by the common shares of Suncor (trading under ticker “SU”) as a Reference Asset in the Reference Portfolio of the variable-return GICs in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Information Statement. All calculations in respect of the Reference Portfolio Return that were based on the price return of the common shares of COS will be, from March 24, 2016 until maturity, based on the price return of the common shares of Suncor.

Legal Notice


CompanyInitial ValueCurrent PriceReturnWeightings
SPDR S&P 500196.16301.0953.49%25.00%
EURO STOXX 502998.843550.1118.38%25.00%
BCE Inc.49.1163.6429.59%3.33%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce101.32108.827.40%3.33%
Crescent Point Energy Corporation37.105.69-84.66%3.33%
Enbridge Inc.52.2646.32-11.37%3.33%
Fortis Inc.35.7555.4455.08%3.33%
Husky Energy Inc.27.119.43-65.22%3.33%
Loblaw Companies Limited46.8372.4454.67%3.33%
Power Corporation of Canada28.9729.351.31%3.33%
Rogers Communications Inc. - Class B42.8267.4557.52%3.33%
Royal Bank of Canada79.07105.2533.11%3.33%
Shaw Communications Inc. - Class B28.3826.56-6.41%3.33%
Sun Life Financial Inc.38.9358.5550.40%3.33%
Suncor Energy Inc.60.8940.35-33.74%3.33%
Toronto-Dominion Bank54.2075.2138.76%3.33%
TC Energy Corporation54.3366.0221.52%3.33%
Reference Portfolio Return22.90%Reference Portfolio Return
Basket Level1 229.003Basket Level
Indicative Variable Interest16.49%Indicative Variable Interest