Diversified GIC - Balanced, Series 76

Current price: $100.10
As of 23-May-2019

General Information

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ISM Code:
Ticker Symbol:
7267 JP Equity, 8058 JT Equity, ABX CT Equity, ALV GY Equity, BCE CT Equity, BHP AU Equity, BMO CT Equity, BNP FP Equity, CCO CT Equity, CM CT Equity, CNR CT Equity, CSGN SW Equity, CVX UN Equity, ENB CT Equity, EOAN GY Equity, F UN Equity, FP FP Equity, FTS CT Equity, GSK LN Equity, INTC UW Equity, KO UN Equity, L CT Equity, MG CT Equity, MSFT UW Equity, NBC Fixed Rate GIC, NOVN SW Equity, NTR CT Equity, POW CT Equity, RCI/B CT Equity, RIO LN Equity, RY CT Equity, SAP CT Equity, SIE GY Equity, SJR/B CT Equity, SU CT Equity, SU FP Equity, T CT Equity, T UN Equity, TRI CT Equity, TRP CT Equity, VZ UN Equity


Issue Date:
Maturity date:
Note term:
5.0 years
Valuation Date:


  • 5-year term.
  • Linked to Diversified GIC (Balanced).
  • Principal amount fully protected at maturity by National Bank of Canada.
  • Participation factor: 100.00%.
  • Maximum: 31.29%.
  • Eligible for the CDIC deposit insurance.
  • Eligible for RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, RDSPs, DPSPs and TFSAs.
  • No secondary market.

Price and Historical Values

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Legal Notice


CompanyInitial ValueInitial FX RateCurrent PriceFinal FX RateTotal ReturnWeightingsRankingPortfolio
Barrick Gold Corporation17.281.0016.011.00-7.35%1.25%17Canadian Precision 10
BCE Inc.60.021.0061.001.001.63%1.25%7Canadian Precision 10
Bank of Montreal105.371.00104.071.00-1.23%1.25%12Canadian Precision 10
Cameco Corp15.471.0013.671.00-11.64%1.25%19Canadian Precision 10
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce110.891.00107.211.00-3.32%1.25%15Canadian Precision 10
Canadian National Railway Company125.971.00124.911.00-0.84%1.25%11Canadian Precision 10
Enbridge Inc.51.051.0049.991.00-2.08%1.25%13Canadian Precision 10
Fortis Inc.49.441.0050.591.002.33%1.25%4Canadian Precision 10
Loblaw Companies Limited64.881.0069.911.007.75%1.25%2Canadian Precision 10
Magna International Inc.75.591.0059.361.00-21.47%1.25%20Canadian Precision 10
Nutrien Ltd71.441.0065.001.00-9.01%1.25%18Canadian Precision 10
Power Corporation of Canada30.971.0029.081.00-6.10%1.25%16Canadian Precision 10
Rogers Communications Inc. - Class B66.201.0070.401.006.34%1.25%3Canadian Precision 10
Royal Bank of Canada105.461.00105.181.00-0.27%1.25%10Canadian Precision 10
Saputo Inc.45.281.0045.661.000.84%1.25%8Canadian Precision 10
Shaw Communications Inc. - Class B26.801.0027.311.001.90%1.25%6Canadian Precision 10
Suncor Energy Inc.44.341.0042.881.00-3.29%1.25%14Canadian Precision 10
TELUS Corporation49.541.0049.841.000.61%1.25%9Canadian Precision 10
Thomson Reuters Corporation80.541.0087.381.008.49%1.25%1Canadian Precision 10
TransCanada Corporation64.411.0065.671.001.96%1.25%5Canadian Precision 10
Reference Portfolio Return0.00%
CompanyInitial ValueInitial FX RateFinal PriceFinal FX RateTotal ReturnWeightingsRankingPortfolio
Intel Corporation58.721.3544.001.34-25.49%1.50%20Global Precision 10
Microsoft125.011.35127.671.341.55%1.50%7Global Precision 10
Chevron Corporation118.281.35120.571.341.36%1.50%9Global Precision 10
Ford9.571.359.971.343.59%1.50%3Global Precision 10
Coca-Cola Company47.981.3549.651.342.90%1.50%5Global Precision 10
AT&T Inc.30.791.3532.281.344.25%1.50%2Global Precision 10
Verizon57.081.3559.251.343.22%1.50%4Global Precision 10
BNP Paribas SA47.151.5144.511.50-6.54%1.50%17Global Precision 10
TOTAL S.A.50.041.5149.011.50-3.04%1.50%12Global Precision 10
Schneider Electric SE76.421.5173.121.50-5.27%1.50%15Global Precision 10
Allianz SE211.951.51202.901.50-5.22%1.50%14Global Precision 10
E.ON SE9.601.519.381.50-3.34%1.50%13Global Precision 10
Siemens AG105.621.51106.541.50-0.13%1.50%10Global Precision 10
BHP Billiton Ltd38.200.9538.070.92-3.17%1.50%11Global Precision 10
Credit Suisse Group AG13.521.3211.921.33-11.63%1.50%19Global Precision 10
Novartis AG79.821.3284.181.335.76%1.50%1Global Precision 10
GlaxoSmithKline1540.401.751571.201.70-0.90%1.50%8Global Precision 10
Rio Tinto PLC4555.001.754675.001.70-0.28%1.50%6Global Precision 10
Honda Motor Co Ltd3094.000.012831.500.01-7.80%1.50%18Global Precision 10
Mitsubishi Corp3025.000.012879.000.01-4.12%1.50%16Global Precision 10
Reference Portfolio Return0.00%