National Bank offers you more flexibility with its FLEX GICs

We at National Bank’s Structured Solutions have been working hard on continuing to improve our line-up of principal protected solutions and adding more flexibility for investors.


Starting Tuesday, September 3rd most upcoming issues of our principal protected solutions will be called Flex GICs.  In addition to the same protection and liquidity that principal protected notes offer to its holders, Flex GICs will have CDIC coverage (same coverage limits apply) on deposits that are CAD denominated and have terms of up to 5 years.  Flex GICs denominated in other currencies or with terms greater than 5 years will have CDIC coverage starting on April 30, 2020.


Important information about the Flex GICs

The Flex GICs may generally be sold back to the Bank prior to maturity, subject to normal market conditions. Investors selling back their Flex GIC to the Bank prior to maturity may receive less than the initial principal amount invested and pay early trading charges, if applicable. Only Flex GICs issued by National Bank of Canada that are payable in Canada in Canadian dollars and have a term no longer than five years are eligible to be insured under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act, subject to the maximum dollar limit of CDIC coverage and subject to other conditions. More information about CDIC deposit insurance can be found in the "Protecting Your Deposits" brochure, available online at or by telephone at 1-800-461-2342. For more information on the features pertaining to each of the Flex GICs offered by National Bank of Canada, please consult our website: